Extinction is serious!

tumblr_mvnk8pmb9q1sijgj2o2_400tumblr_mvnk8pmb9q1sijgj2o1_400 (1)

Animal extinction is something that many have become very desensitised to.

The dinosour, the dodo – ancient animals that we know existed, we know were extinct but we just accept that it happened, we accept that this is something that happens to anything living. Survival of the fittest.

It’s something that’s happened throughout history, something we like to ignore most of the time.

But look at those two videos showing above, this is an animal that was existing such a short amount of time ago that we caught it on film, and that has to tug the hearts of anyone.

The Tasmanian Devil was a beautiful creature, extinct due to hunters.

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age we let animals get extinct, but this is such a dangerous way of thinking.

Humans have this problem where we shove things to the back of our mind and assume someone else will be solving the problem. But no, this isn’t happening and more animals are becoming in danger of being extinct every day.

Amur Leopard, only 45 are said to remain, some species of deers are completely gone, and there are only four Northern White Rhino’s left on this whole plant, a planet home to billions of humans that have just let them slip away from nature.

Watch the footage of the Tasmanian Devil, it’ll trigger your responses and show you just how much of a problem animal extinction is. That it’s not up to someone else, but it’s up to YOU to put an end to this.



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